Saturday, 5 June 2010

Blog No1

Hi my name is SusuanaLove,
I'm eighteen and I’m currently living in London. I've just finished College and I’m starting University in September.
I made this bloog quite while ago but I didnt know what to write then I made a livejournal which has become a personal blog.
This blog is going to be about my own graphics, photography, film, animation, and include articles and reviews on all sorts of art forms. I also love fashion so there’s going to a few fashion blog post here’s and there.

Right now I want to be a video producer/director. I also like drawing, animating, customising and music. And I'm putting together my portfolio :/. If you follow hopefully you see how I progress (thats the Idea any way). Oh Yh, my name is pronounced (Sue-swaan- na) and it rhymes with Banana lol.
SusuanaLove xx