Thursday, 31 March 2011

Thursday, 24 March 2011


As of last night 12 oclock as people I knew and didnt, were singing to me in the Que for the student union night club on campus - I am Indeed 19!

Last night was amazing, today and night is going to be full of goodies so will update sometime after :) love yous with all my 19 years xx

SusuanaLove xx


Sunday, 20 March 2011

SusuanaLove: One Love - Japan

We come from two different worlds but
There's only one us
That could make things easier
Jhene Aiko- Space Jam

moon over town

Last night I thought the moon was a bit more important than doing my essay

Some events bring the whole world together good and bad. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who are being effected by the Earthquake in Japan. Theres so many ways to donate and help, on campus the Japanese society are fundraising all over the place. Apple I tunes are also accepting donations, so next time you buy a song from there maybe you could help too, and ebay is also accepting donations along with may other places. Cuz clicking on a facebook page doesn't help anyone :P

Jhene Aiko - Space Jam by Rockyv

SusuanaLove xx

Sunday, 6 March 2011

SusuanaLove: Red Blooded Women

Hey everyone hope your're all ok, below are some photos from my latest shoot. If any one wants to know how to do the nails click here, but I warn you they're not as easy to apply as the instructions make out. At uni Ive joined the new feminist society, I'm not sure I an call my self a full feminist but I'm really interested in their arguments, for female equality in all sectors ofcorse, and plan to study women in film next year as one of my modules. Also decided to change my calendar artist of the month feature on here to female inspirational artist of the month. Maybe the ones that I think have a feminist flare, and are real representations of female equality. 



!!HAPPY GHANAIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY !! - I wish I was at home celebrating with mum but uni work calls :/

This is a feel good video for the men and women  :) I just thought this was a great video to watch whenever you're feeling sad about an old relationship 

PS - Someone who is NOT a feminist Icon is Lady Gaga, for reasons I can write a whole blog post on, shes is an icon of her sexuality not of her sex.  THE ARTICLE By the way who has seen the new lady gaga video - born this way?  Personally I think  its a shame when artists need to throw in Illuminati signs and dress like hookers so people will watch their videos and listen to their songs and get a opinions across, shes gonna run out of symbols soon, what happened to the times when the song was all you needed

My fave Unsigned star of the moment - Maribelle Anes

SusuanaLove xx