Monday, 30 August 2010

SusuanaLove’s Dear 50 Followers

I was going to post this tommorow but my blogger friend v a m p i r e, told me that I had 50 followers. I normally look at blogs via my psp and i cant see how many followers people have. 50 is statement making number lol

This is my 22nd post BlogSpot. I haven’t had my BlogSpot for as long as many people that I’ve been following, I've had a live journal for around six months but I started my BlogSpot because I wanted to interact with people and Live journal is more like a personal diary.
I think as a newbie you experience lots of things, like getting your first bunch of followers, then your first bunch of comments, the followers that become friends, then the follow me back, then never see of again followers. Didn't really expect that this would come with BlogSpot package :/ But I think quite early on, like allot of bloggers I know, I came to the point were I thought, I'm going to blog what I like, how I like, I don’t care if nobody comments on it, It my blog, nobodies paying you to pretend to like it.
But for all that made my blog feel SusuanaLoved I wanted to give some something back to there I'm giving out a my own little special award called “Summer of Love” to all my followers that I have got so far
These are all the people that are eligible for the award right now:

To the bloggers that:

Actually read blogs and comment accordingly
Are not afraid to voice their views
Doesn’t care about how many followers they have
Or how many comments they receive
At least says thanks if someone follows them
And that follow a blog because they like it, not for more followers


I'm not going msg them about this award, if they really read my blog, they know where to find it

Best post I've read lately:
He doesn’t get any comments but has an awsome blog! *I'm following*

Now, leaving you with a few pictures from Europe’s biggest street Carnival
It rained, we danced, ate and drank, we saw Kano, and spoke to total strangers, as you do, on Carnival ...

Blog like no ones watching…

SusuanaLovesYou :D xx

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

SusuanaLoves Crochet Wear!

Summers over, and its raining in London again, continuously. Ok thats not so strange but iits Notting hill Carnival this weekend and there cant be rain on Carnival :P

Ive read lots of back to school post, but I don't leave for uni till the end of next month. So the good news is I have a month to build a lovely autumn wardrobe which I cant wait to do since the Crochet style is in fashion! I have to admit Ive been wearing crochet tops through summer too they just look good with any thing, you can just throw it on. I like fast fashion.

Dresses from Asos, Top from Miss Selfridge, tights from New Look
I feel cold

Im think of wearing my white crochet top with some jean shorts and sandals this weekend to Carnival, What do you think?
Oh and for my Art and animation lovers I have two new pages to this blog dedicated to so work Ive done please have a look.
Oh and if you have a Polyvore feel free to add me :)

SusuanaLove xx

Monday, 23 August 2010

SusuanaLove’s Videos

I didn't really get involved with much at college, I was always busy else were drawing animating, taking photos, sorting out my future. So I don't have that much to show for it, my leaving party AND prom slipped my mind, I was so focused on the future but I guessed this behavior worked out all right in the end because I got into uni didn't I lol. Well Ive decide to show the the two pieces of work that I produces at my 6th form college I'm most proud of

Th first thing I want to show you is my Media Alevel Course work which I produced, directed, filmed and edited, all by my self. Im forever grateful to my three friends, Nicki, Darina and Ben for agreeing to be in it. It a music video to the song "Naive" by The Kooks

The next Video is a animated Music Video I created for my Graphics Alevel coursework I got 99 out of 100 for this :D The song is called Jump in the Pool by Friendly fires

Feel free to ask me any questions about them. Or if you have any trouble viewing them it took me ages to uload them :/ I will be creating new pages on my blog soon so look out for them :D

I would like to say thank you to Blogher and cyrillawest
for giving me a sweet blog award. I have 3 of these now lol,
I'm still very grateful for them and Im happy that you like my blog :)

And I would like to say and extra special thank you to v a m p i r e
for giving me this award that she made her self.
It was so thoughtful of her and its soo sweet.
Hopefully I will be able to return the favour soonish 

PS Lookbook thought my blog was good enough to give me my own account! there isnt anything on my profile yet but theyll soon will be!
SusuanaLove xx
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Thursday, 19 August 2010

SusuanaLove’s ALevel Results

Well I needed ABB. I woke up at 6 got to college for 8 and got my results at 9. I was faced with an CBB instead I waited for my bff and cried in his arms (luckily he was prepared) and then checked my ucas track (the site that deals with offers) and it said that it had changed my place to an unconditional offer. Not sure what was going on I went around to all the advisors saying this along the lines "did I get in or what?"  But it has finally been confirmed buy the best sentence Ive ever seen in my whole life.

Congratulations! Your place at Royal Holloway, University of London (R72) to study Media Arts (W625) has been confirmed.

Thank God seriously! You really don't know how lucky I amm!!! The system is so messed up and loads of people are not getting places and there were so many tears today it was terrible. Then I had some JD and Coke lol. But I hope that everyone gets somewhere. Im so grateful. This day has like been the worst day of my life to the most luckiest.

So in a months time Im going to be posting from this place.
Yes, that is actually my future home. No hogwarts comments please!

And to end my Post I wanted to say thank you to v a m p i r e for linking me on her blog
and another thank you to Anna Mae who has given me a blog award. Both of them have great blogs!

Im sharing this award with:

Anyway Im going back outside to give out free hugs lol. Might want to do my eyeliner again lol My next post is probably going to be some key intresting pieces that I made in college.

PS Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is an amazing movie!!! a must see!
PPS Three Little Birds by Bob Marley helped me though this day lol

SusuanaLove xx

Monday, 16 August 2010

SusuanaLove Photography: Emancipation

Emancipation: the act of freeing or state of being freed; liberation

Photography: SusuanaLove
Model: Zanele Lloyd
You can see these and more of the shoot at:


Sunday, 15 August 2010

SusuanaLove's ALevel Countdown

This post was supposed to be about some thing coooooooooolll and exciting but time just wasn't my friend today, but hopefully I ll post what i should of posted tomorrow, Ive got such of backlog of things I wana post :/

Any way some of you may not of noticed but theres a countdown at the bottom of my blog thats been there almost since I started this blog (about a month ago). Anyway the time is drawing nearer. One Thursday I will be getting my A Level results and will know if I will be going to University or Second option Art College. (For Americans who don't know Alevels are like Major final year in exams lol)


My mums already made me start packing and keeps buying stuff although I dnt want to do any thing until I know for sure wear Im at. I bought the largest suit case i can find and its a third of the way full and i haven't even pack clothes yet! It going to be a disaster if I dont get a place because I already have my accommodation (even though it isnt the one I want ): ) btw way I need an A and Two Bs to Pass.

Anyway Ill post my results and the low down on Thursday after I come home from hopefully celebrating with my friends all day and telling anyone who has ears. And I will post some great stuff tomorrow after I come home from the skate park ;)

SusuanaLove xx

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

SusuanaLoves H&M Fashion Studio

Ok, so its a bit like a dress up game! but heck, it entertains you for a few minutes. Its H&M's new fashion studio on the website where you can mix and match pieces from their latest collection. You can pic you model and everything. And it gives you the prices. Cant wait for H&M's online shop to open in September in the UK :D heres the link

And heres my first creation - Summer drifting into Autumn
Have fun.
Now I need to finish of watching the Hayao Miyazaki Classic "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind"

OOOOoo Butt  not forgetting
I received another Sunshine Award from the lovely Ifashionberry. 
Its now on my award page along with Shaurie's
Thank you so much please visit her blog -
and tell her Susuana sent you lol xx
Im think of designing my own award, what do ya think?

SusuanaLove xx

Thursday, 5 August 2010

SusuanaLoves 2NE1

Hello lovely people

Lately I've been listening to allot of Kpop, especially artist from YGEntertainment. This week I've been introduced to a girl group called 2ne1. The started in 2009, but only have one album and four singles but they’ve already won tonnes of awards

These girls have to my favourite Korean pop girl band so far, but on top of that their style is of the chain! They get hottest clothes to wear in their videos and on stage.

Here’s a test, how many hot outfits can you spot in this video? Even the extras
(start from 0:30 if impatient, the intro is not the greatest thing lol)
Sorry I could find the English Subbed one but you can sort of guess what the song is about

I really want to meet their stylist; they must be the luckiest girls. I think I spotted
a cassetteplaya jumper in one of their videos.
I need to start thinking planning my new wardrobe for university, so much inspiration. Oh and my uni, hold lots of balls so any advice on where to get affordable prom/ballroom dresses would be nice, because I just about got away with wearing a lbd to my last prom lol.

And last but not least
I would like to say thank you to Shaurie for my first blog award.
Its very much appreciated and appears on my new Award page :)

I think Im supposed to pass it on to 10 more people,
It was hard but here are my ten
SusuanaLove xx

Sunday, 1 August 2010

SusuanaLove's Photography Paraphernalia #2

Introducing! Jonny!

My latest adopted camera, well Im sort of fostering it right now. It turned up at my shop and i found it in that back, it was labeled £5. So I got it, but I need to know if it can actually do the job. Im all over eBay right now trying to get some film for it because they Polaroid doesn't sell it anymore and most people are selling it for crazy prices :/.
Ive always wanted one, so when I get my own place I can have a picture of all my friends on the wall :).

Also if anyone is interested and lives in London a Louis Vuitton Bag came in, Its price £100 but I could probably get it for £75

(they are my trainers and my managers fingers lol)

Now Listening to:

Miguel Jontel - All I Want Is You (Ft J Cole) by PJ!

SusuanaLove xx