Sunday, 15 August 2010

SusuanaLove's ALevel Countdown

This post was supposed to be about some thing coooooooooolll and exciting but time just wasn't my friend today, but hopefully I ll post what i should of posted tomorrow, Ive got such of backlog of things I wana post :/

Any way some of you may not of noticed but theres a countdown at the bottom of my blog thats been there almost since I started this blog (about a month ago). Anyway the time is drawing nearer. One Thursday I will be getting my A Level results and will know if I will be going to University or Second option Art College. (For Americans who don't know Alevels are like Major final year in exams lol)


My mums already made me start packing and keeps buying stuff although I dnt want to do any thing until I know for sure wear Im at. I bought the largest suit case i can find and its a third of the way full and i haven't even pack clothes yet! It going to be a disaster if I dont get a place because I already have my accommodation (even though it isnt the one I want ): ) btw way I need an A and Two Bs to Pass.

Anyway Ill post my results and the low down on Thursday after I come home from hopefully celebrating with my friends all day and telling anyone who has ears. And I will post some great stuff tomorrow after I come home from the skate park ;)

SusuanaLove xx


  1. Hope yu do well Ess Love, I'm waitin on mine 2

    Dee Love x

  2. goodluck!
    and that is the cutest counter lol

  3. A Levels, where are u from? i hope your result turns out to be good ! cross fingers , good luck girl

    btw i am Jasmine from Malaysia :)

    nice to know you ♥

  4. hey sorry for being so silly , i mean i've asked you where are u from

    i read in your profile last time that you're from London , UK

    then i read about A Levels , first thing which crossed my mind is maybe you're from Malaysia or Singapore thats why i asked


  5. thanks 4 the luck i hope i wont need it lol