Friday, 29 June 2012

SusuanaLove Shop! More Shorts on Sale

Hello again,

 Just wanted everyone to know that my shop is open again and I have more Sweet Short Cuts in stock along with other goodies so please have a look :)

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

SusuanaLove's Quickie Movie Review #6 Prometheus

Firstly, I got dragged to see this film, I really wanted to see the Avengers but I saw this instead -__-, so I didn't choose it, I just hoped for the best.

Well.... Prometheus, apparently its allot like the Alien films (Ive only read about them)... Its ... a .... a well shot film i guess. However, it happens to be one of those films I cant stand because the fact people are fooled by the cinematography and special effects so much they fail to see that nothing really happens. And I mean hardly ANYTHING. There's like 3 main locations throughout the film and allot of moaning.

So the film starts with this alien man drinking this black stuff then self-destructing and falling into a waterfall which then becomes contaminated with weird splitting cells, why? Who knows!? So then after that random event it cuts to these people who find these rocks which show a constellation which is apparently an invitation to "meet their maker" (I'm not sure if its was actually an invitation, maybe it was, if it was, from looking at what happens in the end it probably really read "Hey come say hi" but in the small print said "Hey we're dying, so um if you can see this come save us and like we'll probably kill you afterwards"). Logic, in this film, isn't at is best.

Anyway from then on it sounds like a whole lot of people with ether financial, parental or sexual frustration issues, mostly parental. *spoilers* I mean the guy that funds the whole thing looks about 120 and spends billions to find his maker, he also has happens to make a artificial adult son whilst he has an (I'm assuming she's real) adult daughter, (also not really explained).

*Superspolier* So if you've watched Alien, you'll not be surprised to know no one survives this journey except for the Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (apparently that makes this a feminist film 0.o eh nah). We don't find out what killed the "makers", we can assume it was the black stuff, whatever the black stuff was. Anyway instead of going back to Earth, which most of the crew risked they're Ive saving in the end, Elizabeth, with the help of the head of the robot son, program the ship to travel to the place where the makers originally came from, because apparently the planet the landed on was some kind of experimental side dish. She decided this because she wants to find out the truth, why they made humans and left them, then tried to destroy them. The more I talk about this film, the more stupid I think it is, it try hard to touch on many deep philosophical questions, it has so many stories in one but doesn't manage finish hardly any of them. The film even ends on a cliff-hanger with an a little lizardy dead alien emerging alien, so hey anything could happen next :P

There's a difference between making a film that has an unconventional challenging narrative structure and producing something that looks cool but doesn't actually make sense. Or maybe it did make sense but we just didn't get it, who knows?

Moral of this story, if you have to choose between Prometheus and the Avengers, see the second option.

Rating: **

SusuanaLove xx

Saturday, 23 June 2012

SusuanaLove: Suitcase kid


So! Summer is basically here, (well sort of if you live in England). Anyway, my favourite coat happens to my nave toggle coat witch sort of makes me look like paddington bear. It may look a bit wintery but I've finally got something to complete my look! I've even put even to practical use! Presenting my new camera + gear case.

ITS A MINI BRIEFCASE! I got it for £5 In Camden Stables Market

Its a bit scruffy but it I guess its because it's vintage; it also comes with keys and its all wooden inside, and REALLY Cute! I don't think this photo does it justice, it's a little bit smaller than a A3 piece of paper and I love taking my camera out of it. Ive started sticking stickers inside and I may start decorating the outside :) Bellow are some images of other suitcases if you are not yet convinced of their awesomeness :)


SusuanaLove xx