Saturday, 23 June 2012

SusuanaLove: Suitcase kid


So! Summer is basically here, (well sort of if you live in England). Anyway, my favourite coat happens to my nave toggle coat witch sort of makes me look like paddington bear. It may look a bit wintery but I've finally got something to complete my look! I've even put even to practical use! Presenting my new camera + gear case.

ITS A MINI BRIEFCASE! I got it for £5 In Camden Stables Market

Its a bit scruffy but it I guess its because it's vintage; it also comes with keys and its all wooden inside, and REALLY Cute! I don't think this photo does it justice, it's a little bit smaller than a A3 piece of paper and I love taking my camera out of it. Ive started sticking stickers inside and I may start decorating the outside :) Bellow are some images of other suitcases if you are not yet convinced of their awesomeness :)


SusuanaLove xx


  1. Cute! xo

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  3. Oh those are ace, and that is such a bargain at £5. My friend paid about £20 for his and I thought that was still pretty cheap! I really like the purple one, used as a short of 'shelf' it's a great idea.