Tuesday, 24 July 2012

SusuanaLove: DIY Micro Braids

I learnt to do my hair my self, lol funny this talent came to me when i realised i have no money or anyone that is available to it. Also it cures bordem and I can do it for other people. I found these cheapp but lovely synthetic dip dye extensions! Sorry this isn't a much of a DIY post I didn't manage to get round to taking any photos of myself until the other day.

SusuanaLove xx

Monday, 23 July 2012

SusuanaLove: Tokyo Legwear Boutique - Avantgarde Harajuku

Not that I can afford to buy anything at the moment HOWEVER I couldn't help but come across the BEST TIGHTS EVER. I saw a photo on my feed on facebook and I was like DEM TIGHTS!

They are from a legwear boutique in Tokyo so wayyy too far for me :( Its like BlackMilk all over again COME TO LONDON! They look like tattoooosss they make me want to sit down with a permeant marker and go over my legs! Ok maybe that thats a bit too far BUT STILL! SEE MORE PICS HERE

SusuanaLove xx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tea and Work - No rest for the Sick

Hi all, hope you're good.

I been glues to my laptop more than usual lately, I'm back home for the summer and stuck in my younger brother old room and without hardly any money to go out. On the upside of things I received a 2.1 for my second year at university which has given me the confidence to work work as hard as possible to get a first. 

Since I don't really have any money I've been walking everywhere, which is good for toning but not great when its cold. I receive my first ever bunch of flowers from a friend however I have hay-fever and after a day of being in my room they looked allot prettier than I did.

I had to trow them away this morning, they were nice while they lasted, RIP Roses

There are my two favourite Mugs, Miles gave me the lens one and Lolly gave me the flower one. Lots of tea and water are keeping me all together now :)

I still have one rose remaining although it looks like its dying now :( here's a photo I took of this morning.

SusuanaLove xx

Monday, 2 July 2012

Susuana Loves HAIM

So the other day my friend randomly linked this song called" Forever" by the band HAIM, and since then I've found a new form of happiness!

Especially because they sound a bit old school, but when I found out they we're only just coming out I got really excited. I need their album in my life! Visit their youtube page 

SusuanaLove xx