Wednesday, 29 June 2011

SusuanaLove: Inspirational Artist Calender - Regina Spektor


Simply put, a great musician that doesn't have to wear less clothes to sell her music - Respect. 
Plus i wish my hair was naturally like hers 0.o

SusuanaLove xx

Friday, 24 June 2011

SusuanaLove: Summer Discoveries

Hey every one hope you are all having a lovely summer :)

I've just been taking a heap load me time :) and playing with my camera, here are some photooos



 A really emotional video of a poem, a the importance of humankindness (may cause tears)

Love + Peace

SusuanaLove xx

Sunday, 19 June 2011

SusuanaLove: Brunette Summer?

I want to say thanks to everyone because by blog has reached over 10,000 hits in just over a year :)

I really want dark brown hair, my hair has always been been black and in summer random parts of it go brown. This makes me sad because I don't like the idea of high light in my hair lo. I tried to dye it the other day and it didn't work at all :( So I thought, well Ill just get some brown extensions :P.

Then I thought, if I'm changing my hair I may have to change my wardrobe a bit. Right now I'm thinking greys an purple, any other suggestions?
hippy summer :)

Two films I've seen this week are:

Anastasia (I know its old but Ive never actually watched it till the other day) Its wonderful. Although its made by Disney trained people its actually a Fox production, but Disney should take a leaf out of Anastasia's book to see how to portray a real princess :) Liberating stuff

We are the night - I know there are mixed reviews on this feminist vampire film, but I think its great, a proper vampire film with gore and exploration of girl power

Hope you've all had a great week :)

SusuanaLove xx

Sunday, 12 June 2011

SusuanaLove: Back at Home :)

Finally Came Home from uni yesterday for Summer, gonna be hear for two months before I move in to my new house with some uni friends, has yet to sunk in yet I think lol.


Anyway, when I got home I went straight to Slut Walk London - 
“Whatever we wear, wherever we go, yes means yes and no means no” - no person should ever be subject to rape, sexual, physical or emotional abuse or other assault.


Over the summer I'm getting involved with setting up a women against cuts group at My uni, I set up a blog for it the other day

Oh yeah forgot to tell yah I PASED this year!!!!! :D Will know my exact grade on the 1st of July. I found out my coursework which is 50% was a 2.1. And I also received the best feed back ever! :)

"Your individual role was as Creative Director, and your team commended you in this role as someone who held the team together and gave them clear drive and passion. Well done. Your reports and evaluation are excellent, detailed, informative and clear, with a nice mix of personal reflection and practical detail. I’m very pleased with the effort you have put into this project, and am pleased to read that you feel you have learned good production skills and become closer as a team as a result. You should be very proud of the final result. Well done."

This made me so happy, I will have to quote this in my application for MFA. I've changed my mind again! and decided that I want to try and apply for Fine Art: Media MFA at University College London after my Bachelors

Any way Im so glad to be back home and looking forward to a productive summer.

 Todays mission: Unpack and by chocolate brown hair dye!

SusuanaLove xx

Sunday, 5 June 2011

SusuanaLove: updatesss

my new baby! my old laptop was coming to the end of its life,  im looking for a nice satchel to carry it around in so if you know of any please post a link

Ive finished my last exam about 3 weeks ago and my contract with my halls ends next weeks so ive actually finished my first year of uni, gonna know if ive passed or failed next week. there was a summer ball last night that took place in the green area of my halls i didnt go but i could see it from my window, i went out instead and had a good night still.

just so many things going on atmo, will post more soon, hope you're bless

SusuanaLove xx