Sunday, 19 June 2011

SusuanaLove: Brunette Summer?

I want to say thanks to everyone because by blog has reached over 10,000 hits in just over a year :)

I really want dark brown hair, my hair has always been been black and in summer random parts of it go brown. This makes me sad because I don't like the idea of high light in my hair lo. I tried to dye it the other day and it didn't work at all :( So I thought, well Ill just get some brown extensions :P.

Then I thought, if I'm changing my hair I may have to change my wardrobe a bit. Right now I'm thinking greys an purple, any other suggestions?
hippy summer :)

Two films I've seen this week are:

Anastasia (I know its old but Ive never actually watched it till the other day) Its wonderful. Although its made by Disney trained people its actually a Fox production, but Disney should take a leaf out of Anastasia's book to see how to portray a real princess :) Liberating stuff

We are the night - I know there are mixed reviews on this feminist vampire film, but I think its great, a proper vampire film with gore and exploration of girl power

Hope you've all had a great week :)

SusuanaLove xx


  1. i remember that movie, and i like your collage, im into coral and turquoise :)

  2. i love that top with the lace heart!