Wednesday, 30 November 2011

SusuanaLove: Inspirational Artist Calender - BoA


This month my artist is BoA I've been listening to he for a while, she is a KPOP artist, she seems always relevent. She has great voice and is an amazing artist that i really wanted to share. Um right now I'm at Occupy Royal Holloway trying away in the general meeting, its quite cool :)

SusuanaLove xx

Saturday, 26 November 2011


Isn't to the point that i have so much to say but im too lazy to write so heres a vlog post, pity my voice doesn't sound great but hey! :P Tell me what you think and I may do some more and I will look more awake! and prepared - had to do this really early (literally got out the shower and just put some clothes on before filming this). the end heart thing is from luanlegacy i know i watch his videos so much i couldn't help it

Ill stick up the Give away soon :)

SusuanaLove xx

Sunday, 20 November 2011

SusuanaLove @ Christmas London Blogger's Meet

Hey, Just wanted to do a quick post about the Bloggers London meet yesterday. It was great! thanks to the organisers. I got to mingle with plenty of other cool bloggers and made new contacts and got plenty of goodies. It was nice to share blogging experiences and meet successful businesswomen too. The place itself was lush,.I had travelled from uni to the Fawcett 50's inspired march straight to the meet which was in this lovely venue called the Warwick, just off Regents street. I will do a blog post soon on all the lovely goodies - which right now are making my room smell heavenly. 

SusuanaLove xx

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

SusuanaLove : BLOG AWARD by .Malibu Mara.

Whoop just wanted to say thanks  .Malibu Mara.  for my blog award, 
really havent seen one of these in a while lol

I think im supposed to say seven things about myself and pass it on 

1.Today Im off the the student national demo with my uni, im going to be film, photographing, voice recording and allsorts and right now im running around trying find warm things to wear.
2. The most expensive piece of item of clothing i bout was my duffle coat which I got last week which was on sale £70, I HAD TO HAVE IT
3. Im going on a my own little photography tour of Europe to build up my portfolio
4. I plan to live in France for a year
5. I love my blog but Im really really busy and i need to blog more and catch up with you guys because I see you are posting awesome stuff
6. I cant wait to show everyone that thought I couldnt that I CAN
7. I love my mum very much

Im Passing this award on to

Im just gunna leave you with a Halloween Photo :P

Thats me as little red riding hood, I was taking photos with wolves all night lol. 
People should dress up everyday!

SusuanaLove xx