Thursday, 30 September 2010


I need a dress!

1. Motel Lace Insert Dress - Black / XS - £25.00
2. ASOS Contrast Bow Bandeau Dress - Black/Champagne / UK 8 - £18.00
3.TFNC Twist Shoulder Lace Dress - Nude / S - £18.00

Ok i may not pick the most voted for but i wont pick the least voted for!
and if its one or two im going to have to wear a cardigan

SusuanaLove xx

Saturday, 25 September 2010

SusuanaLove: University Antics!

The moment you all been waiting for....

Saturday - Saturday was the moving in day and we had a pajama party in my room

Sunday - Pub crawl. Which was boring because the organisers sort of didnt show up to lead people  but when they did they took us to  this house party on campus was really fun :)

Monday - We got invited to a Second year house party, spent most of the night chilling in the summer house/huge shed. Night ended with two people being sick on my high waisted purple h&m jeans and paramedics having to called and a fire drill just as we get to bed. But still, a great night!

Tuesday- I believe I had some sort of induction. Oh yes I remember now, I couldnt find it at first, my enrolment had messed up and I had no information about my course, i was just following the crowd hoping there would let me in. It was cool! I didnt stay for the after party i was pretty gone from the night b4! I SPENT £90 ON 3 BOOKS! THAT COULD  BUY ME A VINTAGE WARDROBE! that was 90 out of my savings since my loan hadnt gone though because I hadnt enrolled :P. That night we had hot chocolate and biscuits in the hallway. :)

Wednesday - We met up at this pub called the monkeys forehead (i had to go into London so i met everyone there) there was really nothing planned for that night and on the end we ended up going to jacks dorm (Jacks part of our entourage) where we encountered a half naked guy, i random drunk guy in a dressing gown that wondered in from the street and could not stop talking, One really ill looking guy that nearly fell out the window. And to think of it allot of people at Jacks didnt really live there :P

Thursday - Um we started of on deciding to have a quite night, ordered domino's and wine and ben and jerrys! then we ended up going to some club called medicine, when we was originally planing to go to the hall party on the 2nd floor at 10. Medicine was amazing even though we wasnt really dressed for it :/

Friday - School uni form themed part at the student union. The music wasnt the greatest, but 500+ students singing btritney spears hit me baby one more time was amazing. Ugh but i was almost sick to my stomach with the drunk slutty looking shame ful girls kissing any guy that paid them attention, and all the (really not hot guys) trying to take advantage and thought that all the girls were drunk and easy. I had to save my friend from the "grinding guy" on the dance floor :P. Have a drink, have fun, but dont get completely stupid.

Saturday - To day Im lll in bed, probably from around shivering in the cold from last night, There was fire drill this morning and the campus has an open day, need I say More? That why I have time to write this today! lessons start on Monday so ill probably read up on what we are going to be doing. Also I';ll try and pop in the shower and pray that a family isnt walking doown my hallway :P

Uni on the whole is great, freedom, lovely buch of friends! no money yet though :/ and I only finally got to enrol yesterday after missing it because i didnt have id on Monday. It fine, not missing home too much because I email my mum every day. I miss convenience though, and the city shops. I havnt seen on clothes shop yet :P Im really looking froward to joining the photography and volunteering society though :)

Also thanks to the lovely comments in the previous post. I really appreciate them :)

SusuanaLove xx

Thursday, 23 September 2010

SusuanaLove: Bad Romance

University. Long distance Relationships. Relationships in General
It just works for some and not for others, tonight found a girl in the woods having the same conversation on the phone that I was having this morning. Because when your in the countryside experiencing a break up with your distant other half, that all you can do, get out and walk in the darkness literally, not the best idea sometimes but the way your feeling no night creeper would mess with you. Im sorry if im not making any sense, just came back from a night out with my lovely girls.
Friends - Morethanfriends - Friends?

on a related but happier note, check out this cover by my friend and his friends :) 

i will i will! share so hilarious stories soon but just not tonight :/

SusuanaLoveyou all good night xx

Sunday, 19 September 2010

SusuanaLove: University Baby ;)

Hi everyone, this is going to be a quick post, I moved into my dorm room yesterday and Ive only hooked up to the internet now, There's so much registering and thing I still have to do :P And a bbq and a pub crawl tonight . Ive just been so busy. Good news, my room is huge! I love it I cant actually take a picture of the whole thing, its a single room with a sink, and because of its size I held a film night with all the girls I share a hall with and we watched Means girls and ate Junk food. microwave noodles are not the one.

1st picture from my leaving diner at China Town In London
2nd Picture, 3 bags and two suitcasess full of my material life

The view from my window

One corner of my room

my hall buds 

I Will give you a proper update and I Will read and comment on your blogs as soon as I have time :)

SusuanaLove :D xx

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

SusuanaLove: Tag Youre It!

Black and White Graphics
Ive got my first Tag lol 
and I was Tagged by v a m p i r e 

The Rules are: Post who gave you this award, State 10 things you like, Pass this to 10 other bloggers you like

1. God - I believe God is love and creation and those are to things that are are very important in my life :)

2. Art, In all forms - Fine  Art Graphic, Fashion, Photography and Film -The art in capturing a picture the wonder in the interpretations and emotions it create. Music!I love music,  rnb indie kpop piano forte drum and bass... I play the keyboard when I can, and Im hoping to get a new one when I move out.

3. Friends and Family - To most people im very to myself, i have a really tight circle, I may not show it much but i appreciate all the family and real friends tat have always been there for me

4. Food - i love to eat, Im UK size 8 (i think thats size 6 or 4 in US) but i love to eat! I could eat all day, food makes me happy, sushi, rice and chicken, pasta, ice cream, cheese cake yum yum

6. Books - I love reading! fantasy, murder mystery, a few good chick flicks, I love  Alice in Wonderland

7. I love my Canon 1000fn :)

8. My Laptop! you may have not noticed but it broke last week but luckily my neighbour fixes laptops and pc. I was so upset not buy the fact I paid for it myself, i realised that it was a huge part of my life lol.

9. Blogging! and my fellow blogger friends! :)

10 . Last but not least, My Boyfriend!!! - we've not been together for long but have been friends for ages, cant go a day without talking to him, soppy i know lol.

These are the ten bloggers I'm tagging!

If you read the post before the last which featured my friend Ed Morris.. well lets look who hooked up with Mario Brothers?

he features with his younger brother for a couple of seconds in the promo 25th anniversary video, cool hey?

PS the H&M online store is now open in the UK :)

SusuanaLove  xx

Sunday, 12 September 2010

SusuanaLove: ps i love you xxxo

I have less than a week in London, before I go off and be a country bumpkin.
I still have lots of things to do, but more over lots of people to see.
Lots of people that im going to miss :( ok my campus is a 45 mins train journey but STILL! blue tooth hugs from the bf arnt the same :P
There's one photography project I really want to work on before I leave.
One thing this Summer has helped with, is improving my skills :)

Turn the page :)
The next project I want to do is called : XXXO.

Named after the M.I.A song, I think the idea behind the song was really interesting. The online sexed up false Identity. And being some body who your really not. Normally associated with young girls, lying about their age and posing ridiculously :P

It would be really ice to use my Polaroid for this idea. I was thinking of getting a small group of young girls around 10-14. And taking head shots, of them in badly applied make up a and "decorated" in thing that should make them look older but just look ridiculous in. With sort of a sad clown look. 

Im not a feminist although some people say i can be at times, I just don't like female oppression. Certain artist in the media are described as assertive powerful symbols, but really their just Eyes candy for men. My Emancipation Shoot some people might find a little revealing, but I mas aiming to portray the emancipation of women from any culture, being what they want to be, no man pleasing involved. For more information google Laura Mulvey and "the male gaze"

PS good blog to follow if your interested in art. my friend who's just started studying at St Martins in London :)

SusuanaLove xx

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

SusuanaLove turns Art Tutor

Hi everyone, hope you having a nice week ^ ^
I've become the busiest bee now since the run up to moving out has come.

Anyway I gave my first private art lesson on Tuesday. Helped a potential GCSE Art Student and earnt a little money. It was a favour for a young friend really, and the only qualification  have towards it is my A in Art GCSE and B in Graphics Alevel.

First I made her draw mind map with all the things she like and she drew little thumbnail sketches of them. I thought it was good to mop out all the things she was passionate about, to work out what things she would like t draw the most and what sort of style she would like to draw in.

She really wanted to draw people and also like anime so I firt made her draw Drake. I taught her the rules about proportions of a face and so on and about shading.

Next we looks at anime features, we only had girls on to look at so I made her draw some male versions. Then we used them to draw an anime verison of drake.

All right for the first lesson I think, since at the beginning she didn't know how to draw lol
Homework: fill A3 with sketches of anime features :P

Fun Times :) Im going to leave you with Britain's most loved artist at the moment If you haven't heard already. Shes going to be huge! - Cher Lloyd and shes only 16!

Imagination relies on seeing what is not there but what could be :)

SusuanaLove xx

Sunday, 5 September 2010

SusuanaLove Photography: Emancipation (extras) and Ed Morris

Happy Sunday!

I just thought to post the black and white extras and share some sweet music with you all



The tattoo btw says : Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika, Which Means God Bless Africa.

This is my friend Ed, whos lovely :) and his friend TayTay doing a beautiful cover of Katy Perry's Califoina girls

You're thoughts on this would be really appreciated, he doesn't know Ive posted it yet lol :P

SusuanaLove xx

Thursday, 2 September 2010

SusuanaLove Photography: Dustland Fairytale

Out where the dreams all hide
Out where the wind don't blow
Out here, the good girls die
And the sky won't snow
Out here, the bird don't sing
Out here, the field don't grow
Out here, the bell don't ring
Out here, the bell don't ring
Out here, the good girls die

Photography: SusuanaLove
Model: Emma Larid
not a fairytale

One day I found a little den :) I climbed in through the broken brickwork and found this amazing place. I had do a shoot in it. Imagined a princess who's prince never came. It reminded me of the song Dustland fairytale by the Killers. My first go at black and white film :) Do ya like the hair cut i gave her lol :/

You can see these and more of the shoot at:

SusuanaLove xx