Wednesday, 8 September 2010

SusuanaLove turns Art Tutor

Hi everyone, hope you having a nice week ^ ^
I've become the busiest bee now since the run up to moving out has come.

Anyway I gave my first private art lesson on Tuesday. Helped a potential GCSE Art Student and earnt a little money. It was a favour for a young friend really, and the only qualification  have towards it is my A in Art GCSE and B in Graphics Alevel.

First I made her draw mind map with all the things she like and she drew little thumbnail sketches of them. I thought it was good to mop out all the things she was passionate about, to work out what things she would like t draw the most and what sort of style she would like to draw in.

She really wanted to draw people and also like anime so I firt made her draw Drake. I taught her the rules about proportions of a face and so on and about shading.

Next we looks at anime features, we only had girls on to look at so I made her draw some male versions. Then we used them to draw an anime verison of drake.

All right for the first lesson I think, since at the beginning she didn't know how to draw lol
Homework: fill A3 with sketches of anime features :P

Fun Times :) Im going to leave you with Britain's most loved artist at the moment If you haven't heard already. Shes going to be huge! - Cher Lloyd and shes only 16!

Imagination relies on seeing what is not there but what could be :)

SusuanaLove xx


  1. Teacher Su , haha can i be enroll in your class too?

    cool new talent to check out , Cher Lloyd i have not heard of her yet , gosh which cave did i live in? haha

    btw A Dustland fairy tale is a great song , i like songs which has strong message in the lyrics

  2. ahh cher is awesome! i love the girl who sang the katrina and the waves song too, gabu i think??x

  3. that art lesson thing seems so fun! i just had my first real drawing class today and our first assignment was to draw someone with out looking at our papers, it was so hard and all the peices came out so goofy looking but it was really fun and good practice to learn how to really see. but anyways her first portrait looks great for not knowing how to draw at all! you must be a good tutor

  4. sick with the art work!! its always nice to see someone pass there skills onto someone and see it progress!!

  5. OMDz I dont ever get to watch Xfactor always at work but she was great!
    hey I'm doing art this year, you better help me out!

  6. It looks pretty good! Especially for someone who was taught. I can't draw even that! You should post a piece that you have done! It'd be cool to see!

  7. those drawings are great ! I'd love to take art lessons considering I cannot draw at all! It seems like such a fun thing to do !


  8. congratulations on being an art tutor! :) check my blog. :) thanks!

  9. it must be fun to take art lessons!!

  10. That vid of Cher Lloyed was AWESOME!! She sung that song waaay better than Keri Hilson and Im sure many would agree

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