Sunday, 12 September 2010

SusuanaLove: ps i love you xxxo

I have less than a week in London, before I go off and be a country bumpkin.
I still have lots of things to do, but more over lots of people to see.
Lots of people that im going to miss :( ok my campus is a 45 mins train journey but STILL! blue tooth hugs from the bf arnt the same :P
There's one photography project I really want to work on before I leave.
One thing this Summer has helped with, is improving my skills :)

Turn the page :)
The next project I want to do is called : XXXO.

Named after the M.I.A song, I think the idea behind the song was really interesting. The online sexed up false Identity. And being some body who your really not. Normally associated with young girls, lying about their age and posing ridiculously :P

It would be really ice to use my Polaroid for this idea. I was thinking of getting a small group of young girls around 10-14. And taking head shots, of them in badly applied make up a and "decorated" in thing that should make them look older but just look ridiculous in. With sort of a sad clown look. 

Im not a feminist although some people say i can be at times, I just don't like female oppression. Certain artist in the media are described as assertive powerful symbols, but really their just Eyes candy for men. My Emancipation Shoot some people might find a little revealing, but I mas aiming to portray the emancipation of women from any culture, being what they want to be, no man pleasing involved. For more information google Laura Mulvey and "the male gaze"

PS good blog to follow if your interested in art. my friend who's just started studying at St Martins in London :)

SusuanaLove xx


  1. my feet are dancing to the beat of the song lol

    this is a brilliant idea haha can i use a time machine to turn back time and transform myself into a 10 year old to participate in your project

  2. no blue tooth hugs are never the same :( Love the photos the cage ones are amazing, my fave's are the two shoots just after they could easy be an advert for a cool brand. Great work, I love that widget I will have to try that :P

  3. ahhh as usuall your pictures are amazing! i love your work! and the newst project sounds saweeeet! i wish i could participate(: and ahhhh i hope everything goes well with the move. <3 can't wait to see what comes next with you <3

  4. thank you for your comments hunni, and I hope you are soaking up London to take with you xxxx