Wednesday, 15 September 2010

SusuanaLove: Tag Youre It!

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Ive got my first Tag lol 
and I was Tagged by v a m p i r e 

The Rules are: Post who gave you this award, State 10 things you like, Pass this to 10 other bloggers you like

1. God - I believe God is love and creation and those are to things that are are very important in my life :)

2. Art, In all forms - Fine  Art Graphic, Fashion, Photography and Film -The art in capturing a picture the wonder in the interpretations and emotions it create. Music!I love music,  rnb indie kpop piano forte drum and bass... I play the keyboard when I can, and Im hoping to get a new one when I move out.

3. Friends and Family - To most people im very to myself, i have a really tight circle, I may not show it much but i appreciate all the family and real friends tat have always been there for me

4. Food - i love to eat, Im UK size 8 (i think thats size 6 or 4 in US) but i love to eat! I could eat all day, food makes me happy, sushi, rice and chicken, pasta, ice cream, cheese cake yum yum

6. Books - I love reading! fantasy, murder mystery, a few good chick flicks, I love  Alice in Wonderland

7. I love my Canon 1000fn :)

8. My Laptop! you may have not noticed but it broke last week but luckily my neighbour fixes laptops and pc. I was so upset not buy the fact I paid for it myself, i realised that it was a huge part of my life lol.

9. Blogging! and my fellow blogger friends! :)

10 . Last but not least, My Boyfriend!!! - we've not been together for long but have been friends for ages, cant go a day without talking to him, soppy i know lol.

These are the ten bloggers I'm tagging!

If you read the post before the last which featured my friend Ed Morris.. well lets look who hooked up with Mario Brothers?

he features with his younger brother for a couple of seconds in the promo 25th anniversary video, cool hey?

PS the H&M online store is now open in the UK :)

SusuanaLove  xx


  1. Awww...this is such a sweet list. I can most definitely relate to each point...well except maybe the boyfriend part ;)
    Have a lovely week!

  2. Hii :))) Thanks for tagging me! I agree with each one totally!!! Except for me boyfriend would be best friend! Yay! Im so happy to be tagged again :D

  3. great answers :) bet your boyfriend wasn't pleased you thought of him last though! although obviously food always takes priority over boys

    Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

  4. Thank you so much Sus. I am shocked you would tag me, thank you. Wow my answers are going to be crap compared to this :O Love the laptop part, what a stroke of lucky you don't have a Mac or you would have to send it to the store :P Thank you again, will do mine on the weekend as it may take me a while. Thank you again xxxx

  5. Awesome answers :D And I'm so excited about online H&M! xx

  6. aww cute post
    and im jealous, i wish they had an h&M onlinr in the US where i live in the US i don't have an H&M :/

  7. well we love u too lol

    haha u and me both can eat whole day YAY !

    Canon 1000fn is good and user friendly for beginner like me? because i am planning to get a camera , but i have 0 knowledge about DSLR

  8. aweeee <3 thanks for tagging me!!!! loveee your answers btw(:

  9. Thank you so much for the tag! I feel very special! lol You seem like such an awesome person! :]