Saturday, 30 April 2011

SusuanaLove: Inspirational Artist Calender - Keri Hilson


Ok I know Keri Hilson isnt as big as the previous artists I put up but her inspiration is personal.
She is a beautiful singer and I admire her very much. Especially because all of my life Ive been really tall and slim, and believe it or not slim people get teased to. Up to about mid secondary school I was poked fun at , made to put on weight via various by friend and family and some people suggested  had eating disorder or something. Then I realised it was only by the larger kids or the jealous kids sprouting out mindless hatred. I stop caring, I mean models and thin? I and I don't even try to, I eat way more than I should I just don't ever put on weight that shows. Ive always loved music but there was hardly any one in the industry who's style with voice i could up to. Then there was Keri she was curvy or booty/boobylishious whe was slender and stunning and everything looked great on her, she wants lanky or awkward but pretty and confident looking. And I know girls younger than me in the same situation I was. People should let their wight and height put them down

I'm 5"8 and nine and a half stone now. I used to run track in secondary school now I wear heels with my head held high :)

"Men say: I can never be completely honest with my woman about her appearance.

Keri Hilson says: That’s definitely true. I’m 5’9”. So, my height’s an issue. If I’m feeling sexy, I’ll put on some heels—if that makes me a little taller than you, so be it. You have to be secure enough to stand next to a stallion."

SusuanaLove xx

Thursday, 28 April 2011

SusuanaLove Photography: Dark Elite Dance Group Photo Shoot (+ Stumbled upon Talent)

Hey everyone, 

I just returned to uni from my Easter Holiday. I had one exam yesterday and have my final one next week :) Um I tried to fit as much photography as I could before I left London. This some of the photos I took for the London based Dance group - Dark Elite 

Stumbled Upon Talent!

Jamie Beck
I found his work on: styleandsoul blog
He has produced the most inspiration gifs

SusuanaLove xx

Sunday, 17 April 2011

SusuanaLove: Leather denim studs and rainbows

Hey lovelys :)

The weather is getting so much better and so is my wardrobe im in love with leather studs denim (dark/stonewash) designer tights, playsuits, hi top trainers, high heels, I been on a little bargain splurge but it's well worth it, i look into my wardrobe and smile :D

Also In love with Britney she looks great in this video, love the outfits on everyone, not sure about the red thing at the end but oh well its Britney baby :P. Growing up in her boom I'm actually now in awe of her success and how she has survived everything plus being a mother of two and looking like that?? Well done babe :)

 My new kickssssss i wear them with almost everything £40

Camden Levi short shorts £10 - A little hight waisted to - perfect fit

Boat chain on sale - £5
the feeling when you get something just before it gets out of stock - Priceless

Ok Ive numbed the money spending on clothes down until June julyish - well till i get a job :P hows your summer wardrobe looking?

SusuanaLove xx

Thursday, 14 April 2011

SusuanaLove @ LCC Exhibition

Last night I went to the opening night of London College of Communication (which is part of University of the arts London) Art Foundation End of Year show. I had an amazing time and caught up with some art people I used to work with at college and made a  few contacts and saw some really cool pieces of work. This what I miss about London - the art! Well done to my mate Kezia Levitaz for her amazing work :)

Its a shame the the London college of arts wants to raise their fees like the rest of the  top London universities to £9000 a year ( they say like the rest that they will attempt provide a way for poorer students to still be able to study there but :/ i hoped to do a short course or a maybe a foundation in fashion photography at London college of fashion but who knows now :/
Hey on the upside I can always say I'm a completely self taught photographer :P SNAP!

SusuanaLove xx

xx Japan xx

Sunday, 10 April 2011

SusuanaLove: promise to post more

Profile Graphics, Page Graphics, Tumblr Graphics

Some of my recent photography :)

ive been slacking i know but ill be right on track asap ;)

SusuanaLove xx

"Love Japan. It's a human characteristic to be able to have an object or hope in life. Someone Need You. 2011.3.11"