Sunday, 17 April 2011

SusuanaLove: Leather denim studs and rainbows

Hey lovelys :)

The weather is getting so much better and so is my wardrobe im in love with leather studs denim (dark/stonewash) designer tights, playsuits, hi top trainers, high heels, I been on a little bargain splurge but it's well worth it, i look into my wardrobe and smile :D

Also In love with Britney she looks great in this video, love the outfits on everyone, not sure about the red thing at the end but oh well its Britney baby :P. Growing up in her boom I'm actually now in awe of her success and how she has survived everything plus being a mother of two and looking like that?? Well done babe :)

 My new kickssssss i wear them with almost everything £40

Camden Levi short shorts £10 - A little hight waisted to - perfect fit

Boat chain on sale - £5
the feeling when you get something just before it gets out of stock - Priceless

Ok Ive numbed the money spending on clothes down until June julyish - well till i get a job :P hows your summer wardrobe looking?

SusuanaLove xx


  1. hi im monzie i love this post... i a trainer freak nice nikes... sexy levis wow love em!!

    you have a great blog!!

  2. Have you heard the til the world ends remix?