Thursday, 28 April 2011

SusuanaLove Photography: Dark Elite Dance Group Photo Shoot (+ Stumbled upon Talent)

Hey everyone, 

I just returned to uni from my Easter Holiday. I had one exam yesterday and have my final one next week :) Um I tried to fit as much photography as I could before I left London. This some of the photos I took for the London based Dance group - Dark Elite 

Stumbled Upon Talent!

Jamie Beck
I found his work on: styleandsoul blog
He has produced the most inspiration gifs

SusuanaLove xx


  1. wow I'm in love with that image i will have to go check out his blog. Great photos of yours too hun xxx Happy Easter (well bit late but hope you had a great one) xxx

  2. i hope you had a wonderful easter vacation!!!
    thanks so much for your sweet comment(: it's people like you who keep me going(:
    i love your work and love your blog(:


  3. Love it!


  4. lovely post :) love your blog

    kate xo

  5. @ Thankyou so much and same to you ^ ^

    @ I hope you did to, and no problem lovely :)

    @ :D

    @ Thanks hun :)

    SusuanaLove xx