Friday, 25 January 2013

Susuana Loves Granda, not Snow

Early Jan I went to visit one of my best friends in Granada, Spain. I REALLY DID NOT WANT TO COME BACK TO SNOWY ENGLAND! Anyway, here are some pictures! You can view some more here

SusuanaLove xx

Thursday, 10 January 2013

SusuanaLove: Leotard Reality

So yesterday, was a bit of a naughty day. Since I haven't really been out since the beginning of January I thought i treat my self ... allot. This was one of my purchases. If you like its available online too! just click here. Now, I've always wanted one of these, but now I have one I'm not sure what to do with it. See its backless and armless so I have to get my self confidence hat on because my back and my arms aren't my favourite bits of my body.    

I was thinking to would look with a leather (fake because I'm a vegetarian) jacket or this cool bomber jacket that I've yet to wear which I bought last year.  Though, it's the bottoms which I'm most puzzled by.  In an ideal world where sexual harassment did not exist and people learnt to keep their hands to themselves unless they are told otherwise ( + preferably not cold London) I'd put on some tights and wedges/hi-tops that would be it. I had loads of ideas for this piece but now they've floated off, and Im struggling over the no bra/ bra/ buy a special bra - decision. Any idea fellow bloggers?          


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Quickie Film Review: Branded

So I randomly came across this film last night called Branded. After spending my holiday researching and outlining dystopian films for my dissertation I thought I'd watch one for pleasure, plus I was feeling a bit down but not down enough to watch a Japanese horror.

So... Branded written directed by Jamie Bradshaw and also known as The Mad Cow and Москва 2017, is a 2012 Russian and American science fiction film. This film cray. 

It is set mostly in Russia and it's about Brands brands Brands brands! aaaand this guy called Misha Galkin played by Ed Stoppard. See, I also studied Avant Garde and Soviet film and art so I understood quite a bit in this film that people wouldn't probably know if they were'nt clued up which might make it a bit weird to watch.

Basically Misha works for this huge but obviously crappy capitalist marketing company. He thinks that Lenin was a genius when it came to marketing the revolution.... yeah I have allot of personal thoughts an bout this also when Stalin came in they were just marketing lies and we are still sold today that those times were actual Communism IT WASN'T COMMUNISM anyway that rant is for another blog...

So Misha gets caught up with the manager niece and has an affair and helps her produce his slimming company ad. But little do they know that they are just a part of a plan mastered up by the fast food company to sell fat again, because when a young woman goes into a coma after taking part on the advertising its all OOOO SLIMMING IS BAD HORRID WOAH QUE ANGRY MOB, soo after that its all EAT ALL OF THE FATTY UNHEALTHY FOODS! MASS OBESITY IS KILLING PEOPLE BUT WE ARE GOING TO PRETEND ITS NOT HAPPENING. Like I said, this film is very strange when it comes to fast tracking the capitalism.  

*some spoilers* So then Misha goes a bit cuckoo and and decides that he wants to go away and be a shepherd  His girlfriend (i cant even remember her name and this is probably because like many female characters she is just there to compliment his plot line and doesnt have actual depth as a character of her one, but you know THATS HOLLYWOOD) goes else where after they are both bailed out from jail following the angry mob stuff. And Misha does some crazy voodoo mad cow sacrifice thing because some dream told him too and paases out in the field naked. Luckliy he wakes up in the back of his girlfriend car as she picked him up because like the nice lover she is, she couldn't just leave him there. But misha is seeing things now, big wierd creatures that are ar attached to people and brands, floating about in the air. No one can see them but him, and he eventually gets his act together to turn things around and tries shut down the fat food market with the the vegi market of the east. In the end he tries to band advertising in general... yeah you'll have to watch it to find out how that goes... but he does relise that Soviet advertising is bad though - relise the brands a shaping the masses and not the other way round! 

This film, just has wayy to much going on and not very great actors to be honest. It has good intentions and potential but it was too .... much. Like all the sudden Misha is a swanky business man then hes a shepherd then he is mr vodoo man then hes mr im going to save the world in a swanky suit. BLEGH PLEASE. The film does talk about the power of marketing on people though which I think is important. But yeah... if you don't have patience you might end up walking out half way though film.

I think the script was quite weak too... So I give this one ** and a half stars

MMMmm yeah better off watching something else :P

SusuanaLove xx

Monday, 7 January 2013

Im back!

Yup I'm still alive!

Sorry I've been away for so long. These past few months have been my most stressful and I want to thank everyone who has helped me through it. Today I handed in my dissertation and I am soooooo happy! Especially because I've also booked to see one of my best friends in Spain this weekend! This year is going to be hard work but I'm going to make it and keep you up to date :) 

SusuanaLove xx