Sunday, 5 June 2011

SusuanaLove: updatesss

my new baby! my old laptop was coming to the end of its life,  im looking for a nice satchel to carry it around in so if you know of any please post a link

Ive finished my last exam about 3 weeks ago and my contract with my halls ends next weeks so ive actually finished my first year of uni, gonna know if ive passed or failed next week. there was a summer ball last night that took place in the green area of my halls i didnt go but i could see it from my window, i went out instead and had a good night still.

just so many things going on atmo, will post more soon, hope you're bless

SusuanaLove xx

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  1. aww thank you for your comment kitten, drooling over your new baby (wanna swap haha) Hope you are well xxxx