Thursday, 5 August 2010

SusuanaLoves 2NE1

Hello lovely people

Lately I've been listening to allot of Kpop, especially artist from YGEntertainment. This week I've been introduced to a girl group called 2ne1. The started in 2009, but only have one album and four singles but they’ve already won tonnes of awards

These girls have to my favourite Korean pop girl band so far, but on top of that their style is of the chain! They get hottest clothes to wear in their videos and on stage.

Here’s a test, how many hot outfits can you spot in this video? Even the extras
(start from 0:30 if impatient, the intro is not the greatest thing lol)
Sorry I could find the English Subbed one but you can sort of guess what the song is about

I really want to meet their stylist; they must be the luckiest girls. I think I spotted
a cassetteplaya jumper in one of their videos.
I need to start thinking planning my new wardrobe for university, so much inspiration. Oh and my uni, hold lots of balls so any advice on where to get affordable prom/ballroom dresses would be nice, because I just about got away with wearing a lbd to my last prom lol.

And last but not least
I would like to say thank you to Shaurie for my first blog award.
Its very much appreciated and appears on my new Award page :)

I think Im supposed to pass it on to 10 more people,
It was hard but here are my ten
SusuanaLove xx


  1. i heard about this group, one of them was part of a teen show in the philippines where she was the grand winner. her name was sandara park.


  2. Aweeeee(: thank you sooo much! you are absolutely wonderfull! truely...i need to like move to london so we can hangout and shop together lol!!

  3. Thank you so much !:)
    First award for me:D
    Much appreciated!
    Love you're posts&blog.

  4. O my gosh. This is wonderful. Thanks so much! This is my 2nd award. I will claim it and post about it in my next entry. This is so sweet of you dear.

    You know I love 2ne1 too! So much! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. oh thank you so much! i love your blog as well!

  6. aweeee(: thanks i love your blog too! and haha i will definitely! lol

  7. ooo... they had a stud version thats bt a d same tym upsettin i wntd them :( sob sob

  8. thanks for the award my lovely! and wow, they have some awesome outfits! thanks for sharing!

  9. sorry for spelling your name wrong! i'll change it! :)

  10. i love their attitude! they can really sing too!

  11. congrats on the award, and i love 2ne1 too! :) and idk if you'll like them, but there's a newer kpop group called after school that i like as well.

  12. thank you so much for giving me the award! it means alot that you enjoy my blog :)

  13. Thanks for your nice comment. I like your Hometown and hope to come to London on my next Sommerholiday.
    If I should translate some of my Posts pleas ask.

  14. I really like the video-- and those outfits? Nice! Not sure if I could pull them off though:)

  15. thank you, that's sweet of you:)

    That's a really good song, and I love their clothes as well:D

  16. They're so pretty...the pop group that is :)

  17. I love Kpop. I love 2ne1 and another band called 4minute. I'm sooooo jealous - they get to wear amazing clothes!

  18. I LOVEEEE 2NE1; i even bought their CD haha. CL is my favorite girll