Monday, 30 August 2010

SusuanaLove’s Dear 50 Followers

I was going to post this tommorow but my blogger friend v a m p i r e, told me that I had 50 followers. I normally look at blogs via my psp and i cant see how many followers people have. 50 is statement making number lol

This is my 22nd post BlogSpot. I haven’t had my BlogSpot for as long as many people that I’ve been following, I've had a live journal for around six months but I started my BlogSpot because I wanted to interact with people and Live journal is more like a personal diary.
I think as a newbie you experience lots of things, like getting your first bunch of followers, then your first bunch of comments, the followers that become friends, then the follow me back, then never see of again followers. Didn't really expect that this would come with BlogSpot package :/ But I think quite early on, like allot of bloggers I know, I came to the point were I thought, I'm going to blog what I like, how I like, I don’t care if nobody comments on it, It my blog, nobodies paying you to pretend to like it.
But for all that made my blog feel SusuanaLoved I wanted to give some something back to there I'm giving out a my own little special award called “Summer of Love” to all my followers that I have got so far
These are all the people that are eligible for the award right now:

To the bloggers that:

Actually read blogs and comment accordingly
Are not afraid to voice their views
Doesn’t care about how many followers they have
Or how many comments they receive
At least says thanks if someone follows them
And that follow a blog because they like it, not for more followers


I'm not going msg them about this award, if they really read my blog, they know where to find it

Best post I've read lately:
He doesn’t get any comments but has an awsome blog! *I'm following*

Now, leaving you with a few pictures from Europe’s biggest street Carnival
It rained, we danced, ate and drank, we saw Kano, and spoke to total strangers, as you do, on Carnival ...

Blog like no ones watching…

SusuanaLovesYou :D xx


  1. congrats on the 50 followers, its nice to know that other people share the same views as you i think:) you are awesome missy:) i NEED that flamingo thing! <3

  2. Don't you just love speaking to total strangers? Most would say "ewh omg I don't even know that person talking to me", but I just adore it. I love getting to know people in that way by just randomly interacting with them. Congrats on the followers! This is really well put, especially where you mention the types of followers you encounter on here.


  3. Thank you girl! That was real cool for you to give us a shout out. What do you mean google won't let you follow? I swear they be trippin sometimes (it does that to me too).

  4. aww!
    and congrats on all those followers :)
    and great photos that looks like fun!

  5. aweeeeeeeeeeee <3 thanks susuana!!!!!! you are absolutely the sweetest thing!!! and i love this post so much i knew you were talking about creating your own blog award! i'm so glad you did;;;

    congrats on the 50 followers tooo (: yayyy!!! lol. but i totally get what you mean with like all of your "followers" and then your TRUE FOLLOWERS <3 who actually read your blog - not just for the "i'll follow you if you follow me"


  6. I love your blog! And Labyrinth is my favorite movie as well!! :] You seem like a very neat person! :] Congrats on your 50 subs that is wonderful!

  7. Hot Tamale!
    Thank You Much Miss Suzie!
    Dee Love - aka Lily Ann appreciates muchos!

    Your DeeLoved, Always!
    I have no idea how to put an award on my page.. msg me :S :p

  8. Hun! Thank you!!!! So sweet :) Love your blog and I'm very happy that you have 50 followers! Great job :D
    You know where to find me :)

  9. i always read your blog at school i love your blog =D

  10. GOOD ONE ! when i am reading this , in my head is like AGREE , AGREE TOTALLY AGREE haha

    i know how that felt like , to have someone to just drop by and say ''OH NICE BLOG '' got me a new follower , then after one or two comment , POOF they disappeared

    at first i was obsessed with wanting . wishing . praying for more followers , then till one day i realize that hey whats the point of getting the numbers up , when most follow not because they really enjoy to read what i write.

    big big hug to u for my new award hahaaha
    ( YAY YAY i got a new one , )

    Susuana YOU ARE LOVED ! haha

    but sincerely i appreciate you as a friend :)

    with love ♥ all the way from Malaysia

    and its September already , hope you'll have an awesome month ahead ! woot woot

  11. hi girl,

    the carnival looked soo fun (never been to one before) & congratulation on your followers <3

  12. so sweet of you! thank you for visiting my page once in awhile too! keep on posting! :)

  13. oh yay thank you for including me in this award thing =] i love your blog so i do feel very flattered!

    and to answer your questions im taking mostly art courses like drawing and foundation of art. and i totally feel weird when i get up. i think im getting more used to it though.

  14. love ur blog!! fllowng u.. follow me back!

  15. wow you have ball's I like that and this blog. Let's make it 56 ! I am also enjoying your photography, and look forward to more of it :)