Thursday, 19 August 2010

SusuanaLove’s ALevel Results

Well I needed ABB. I woke up at 6 got to college for 8 and got my results at 9. I was faced with an CBB instead I waited for my bff and cried in his arms (luckily he was prepared) and then checked my ucas track (the site that deals with offers) and it said that it had changed my place to an unconditional offer. Not sure what was going on I went around to all the advisors saying this along the lines "did I get in or what?"  But it has finally been confirmed buy the best sentence Ive ever seen in my whole life.

Congratulations! Your place at Royal Holloway, University of London (R72) to study Media Arts (W625) has been confirmed.

Thank God seriously! You really don't know how lucky I amm!!! The system is so messed up and loads of people are not getting places and there were so many tears today it was terrible. Then I had some JD and Coke lol. But I hope that everyone gets somewhere. Im so grateful. This day has like been the worst day of my life to the most luckiest.

So in a months time Im going to be posting from this place.
Yes, that is actually my future home. No hogwarts comments please!

And to end my Post I wanted to say thank you to v a m p i r e for linking me on her blog
and another thank you to Anna Mae who has given me a blog award. Both of them have great blogs!

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Anyway Im going back outside to give out free hugs lol. Might want to do my eyeliner again lol My next post is probably going to be some key intresting pieces that I made in college.

PS Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is an amazing movie!!! a must see!
PPS Three Little Birds by Bob Marley helped me though this day lol

SusuanaLove xx


  1. <3 (: yayy im soo glad i got to add to your roller coaster of a dayyy haha.

    and hmm weirdd....about my email. here try this one...i usually only use it for like clothing store updates/email stuff haha. but that's okayy.

  2. wow, congrats! P.S. this building is amazing :)
    come and follow me at
    i'll follow you back!

  3. congratulations ! one day when i have the chance the visit London you must be my tour guide lol

    media arts sounds so fun , and the place haha Oh k Oh k no Hogwarts comments ( zipped )

    hope you will have so much fun venturing into a new chapter of life ! do update us ^^

    btw i re-follow your page , cos the the current one i am not gonna be active anymore..*evil laugh* in order for me to STALK every single post of yours

    i am glad i've made a new friend and its YOU

    again Thank u so much for the award , i cant get to online this weekend, so by next week i will write an update about this :) woo hoo and its FriYAY again ,

    with love


  4. wow your University is huge!!!
    conquer that place with style :)

  5. Congratulations, the University looks amazing!!

  6. Congratulations hun!!! The university is so huge!! Amazing :)

  7. Congratulations! très bon! The place is so grand!
    Best wishes, Shaurie xo

  8. congrats! That building is beautiful! the school im attending has a castle on campus too and i get a lot of hogwarts comments about it too. My sister even got me a gold and maroon striped scarf like the griffendor ones!

  9. Hey u :) i have made a blog award for u lol hope you dont mind cause i am not super good in Photoshop

  10. Your blog is really nice!
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