Thursday, 15 July 2010

SusuanaLove's Photography Paraphernalia #1

I probably haven’t mentioned this, I work in charity shop in London, I only work the once a week but it still qualifies me for at least a 25% discount on donated items. I know charity shops can be a bit if a drag (because your just buying stuff nobody wants) especially when there don’t sort through them much. But you can find great stuff, and to be honest it’s all in the back mostly.

We’ve got loads of clothes in storage but I can’t really pick want I want until its steam cleaned. We get old cameras and camera gear all the time, bags, old SLR’s, vintage cameras loads of disposable, camera bags, lenses. I get first dibs (sorry). I'm normally looking for lenses, filters or film. If I find something that doesn’t really fit my camera ill get it for one of photography loving friends. So if you live in London, and you want something leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

So any way the other day I found a Jessops flash in a case, in the back of the shop. It had already been priced at £5. I know £5?. So I brought in my camera the next day to see if it fit and it did. So I bought it for £3

I have a film SLR, it’s a Canon EOS 1000fn. I bought it of my manager his sister bought it for him, but had never used it, so it sat in front f his bed, and apparently one day e woke up looked at it and fought of me. So he sold it to me, and the case for £40. And bought me the batteries which were £8 (he still doesn’t understand how I managed to did that and he thinks I slyly ripped him off) but heck I bought him in a cheese cake to say thank you. The F in 1000fn does stand for flash, it does have a small fold out one on top but that doesn’t help in enclosed rooms, it won’t take a picture on automatic focus if it doesn’t have enough light. Lot people say “why don’t you just of your digital camera” developing and scanning is long and expensive; and I say: “you can’t get the effect of the film camera gets on with a digital camera" Like the vintage look you get when you use expired film. Sometime grains are cool, and you can get cool effect in different light, using different types of film and filters, it may be hard work at times sitting there twiddling with everything but its rewarding.

Here’s some examples from SusuanaLove n friends:

The bottom left one belongs to Steadman:
The bottom right on belongs to kezia:
The guy in the last picture is my arty mate Benny please tll him he needs to use this pic for his blog :P

And yes that is the girl from Skins, I don’t know here screen name, because I don’t watch Skins. But she looks nice here doesn’t she.

And anyway my compact digital cam is for taking pictures of my art work and friend/family days out, not actual proper photography and takes up way to much battery power. But being a 21st century media student I'm going to need a dslr soon. I'm saving up money for at least £250 then ill take £250 out when I get my uni money, I want one that’s good for filming, and something use so I can get some standard photo-journalism or even blogging work.

I hope it’s sunny where you are :)



  1. charit shops are awesome! great bargain you got there!

  2. thanks for the great links!

  3. nice camera!! & you have lovely looking friends :)

  4. love you're camera! i just recently bought my first SLR a few months ago and LOVING IT!

    and i am soooo jealous, London sounds amazingggg! i'm going there next year for a vacation and i'm oh so excited!

    thnx for following me(: i followed you too!

    if you have any good "must-go" places whether it be art museums, clothing stores, thrift stores, restaurants, etc. that i just HAVE TO GO TO!
    e-mail me or leave a comment! i'd really appreciate it!!

    KIT :D