Tuesday, 1 February 2011

SusuanaLove: Oh No! Colours!

I thought Id hit two birds with one stone in this post. First bird - this song below by Marina and the diamonds is quite old but the lyrics speak to me more than ever now seriously. Just listen to the lyrics there no point of me explaining, my mind frame in life is so confusing. I know what I want in life other people might think Im being blunt about things well I think I know myself than most so stop confusing me :P

Second Bird - I don't do colours, seriously its hard for me to buy colourful clothes and I don't know why I think they look good on every one else but the closest I get to is navy. Id like to my wardrobe is looking very dark. Marina videos are normally very colourful, I don't want my wardrobe to be as colourful though but I need to jump out of the safe black and nude zone if only 4 a bit. Any tips? :P

SusuanaLove xx


  1. I love Marina and the fact she is wearing that red Christopher Kane makes me love her even more. On the colour thing, why not team your navy things with bright accessories like a green belt or a yellow pair of pump or scarf. xx

  2. I love Marina and the Diamond...her voice is so great and her look is awesome!
    ...and belive its not a risk to try something new! ;)