Wednesday, 5 January 2011

SusuanaLove: Spring Fashion


Finally :P I orded my copy like 2months ago, so it was a nice surprise.
The H&M Magazine contains mostly basics and the Divided range, its good but it isn't anything elaborate. But Its got me thinking about spring fashion. What things do you want to see this spring or summer even? Because to be honest I haven't seen much that interests me. I think the flower print fad has be been used to its death, as well as many other things :/. I think Id like to see more graphic prints (proper ones not crappy unimaginative ones :P) And investments made real Vintage jewellery and accessories not plastic remakes. But in saying that I think hand made Jewellery is quite cool.

Oh yeah look what my ex's mum got me For Christmas :) So unexpected

SusuanaLove xx


  1. Yeah.. graphic prints are cool, floral is a bit dated but can look right.
    I personally feel the older looking the tone of the floral design is the better.

    Aww, your im guessing you and your ex still talk.
    Thats really good and his mum is a sweety!

  2. lol I got that H&M magazine today also, although i don't think i ordered it lol which is odd. x

  3. love the summer outfits :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. i was given this set too, i love the eyeshadows! i haven't really seen much of whats coming in for spring yet but i'm looking forward to some bright colours after winter :) x

  5. As much as I love H&M, they're overdoing the floral and 80s theme. I'm liking their polkadot line though. :)

  6. How sweet of your ex's mum, I love a great set of lashes for a grand night out. I am still waiting on my H&M magazine :(

  7. Thats really cool. I never knew they had a magazine, im a little late. i know. I agree completely with how the florals theme is getting old. I want a new twist for spring..

  8. Love h&M think i may sign up so i too can get the magazine

  9. LOVE this!! saw it on my iphone app
    but it worries me cos i just bought a bunch of winter knits :s

  10. lol your ex's mum is such a sweethear lol EX ! that is really so nice of her