Wednesday, 23 February 2011

SusuanaLove: photography music and models

Sorry for the unimaginative title, this is just update post i guess Ive been up to quite a bit

saw a select model on the tube the other day.
was staring at her for quite a bit thinking - it has to be you - 
and then plucked up the courage to ask her, she was nice she even said bye to me, 
it shows how much time I spend on when I recognise the models lol.

Had a practice shoot on Monday, decided i need to do one every week to develop my skills

Had my first paid shoot yesterday it was a bit nerve racking but i hope shes happy with her pictures. Been so busy with uni work and sorting my self out... lastly im in love with this song!

SusuanaLove xx


  1. lmao when i saw the first picture i was going to ask if it was from asos before i read anything.

  2. i love adele! her new album has been on repeat!


  3. That model is gorgeous! :] I am also loving adele! :] Beautiful music! :]

  4. I love adele, her voice is soo beautiful!! x

  5. i've heard the new song Someone like you few days ago , beautiful

    how was it? :) u know what im talking about hehe

  6. lol that's so funny that you recognized the model and actually went up to her(: that's awesome tho! i hope the practice shoot went well! i realllllly need to pick up my camera again -- i've been slacking lately in my photography world! oh goodness first PAID shoot?!?!(: thats so great congratulations!!! :) this is all so wonderful to hear! i love adele's voice too(: nice post -- short sweet and to the point(:

    i hope all is well with you too! which it seems as if it is(: thank you dear for stopping by my blog every now and then -- it means so much(:

  7. Love Adele, love this song! She is amazing
    xo Cara

  8. this song is awesome!