Wednesday, 21 December 2011

SusuanaLove: Film for Uni project

Was going mad last month and into the first week of this month with my contemporary art project, so glad now its now handed in. I worked in a group witch I named Team Saatchi. The coursework was an 1500 essay, a short film and an installation and a portfolio. Our Idea was based around e-reader vs books.

This the film ... which was only 10% YES 10% of my mark 0.o
2 weeks of prep (making the back drop, the dress, the umbrella, the book, the sound effects and the trees) all for 10% - (just for the term) I could almost Cry

This the installation chilling in my front room, they are computer symbols hanging btw

What it looked like in the exhibit, we bad made a dark room and put a vintage armchair in front so you could watch it like a tv

SusuanaLove xx


  1. Wow, that's amazing. The video is great too but I can't imagine all the work that went into creating the pieces.


  3. LOVED IT!!! And then I stayed chilling on the SusuanaLove channel and saw "The Looking Glass Wars" ;-) I have a new blog, come be my neighbor!

  4. The film is amazing, all of the trees are so intricate <3

  5. beautiful pics!!!amazing blog!!! i'm following you!!! if you like mine,do the same!!