Monday, 26 December 2011

SusuanaLove: MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW (Natalia Kills - Free)

The music video I will be reviewing is Free by Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills, her voice sounds good, she also looks great in all that make-up and whoever dresses her has great taste.

Anyway the video. When it starts, Im thinking, what? no budget? why is it just Will I AM's talking head, talking not rapping, also talking allot of nonsense - 

I got some money in my pocket and I wanna go shopping
An go, buy me some things I like
I saw some kicks up in the mall, that I just gotta be rocking
I love to rock them tings I like
I'm no material guy, I just wanna look fly
Cool suits, dope boots
doin' them tings I like
'Cause when I get my gears straight
Them honeys gonna be shocking, shocking, yeah shocking yeah

My reaction? - 

Shocking? Yes very shocking. Moving on...
This video goes is a fashion video. Nice clothes, pretty people, no clear narrative but allot of poses. Its like Madonna's material girl but it... sucks? Listen to the lyrics they don't make sense. She has no money, but she's buying things at the same time she's free and these things are making her money. There a point in the video where its says "buy for freedom" does she mean "buy your happiness" There's point in the video when money is on fire and her hair is on fire? Theres a nude woman trying to put heels near there  vagina? What is going on?

For the the optimists that like to see messages in things, my friend said it may be satirical, making fun of people attitude to money.  If you watch the video pretend shes purposely acting like a deluded idiot that doesn't understand the value of anything it may seem that way HOWEVER this song is going to be playing in the cubs, and is going to be the backing track on fashion show-like tv programmes, many people are not going to take notice of what utter rubbish is going on here.

And to prove this optimist view is not the case here is what she said about the song:
"I'm so excited to promote my new single "Free" now. It's a good representation of my music. I wrote it a few years ago when I was a waitress and all I just wanted to do was go shopping no matter how much or little money I had." 

Has she not noticed the economy?
My concluding face expression

There are more than enough gagas in the world ... make some real music 

SusuanaLove xx


  1. I like natalia kills! And the video is great! I love the white blazer the girl is wearing!!

  2. haha the text is really strange! But anyway thanks for the comment, it was really funny to read this post :)