Wednesday, 21 July 2010

SusuanaLove’s Quickie Movie Review #1 (Inception)

If you know me well, you will know I really love watching movies! Especially ones with a good narrative and are directed well. I usually pick the movies when I go out with my friend because they trust me to pick the good ones J

I went to see Inception at the Cinema in Westfield, London’s biggest shopping centre with some of my college buddies. The cinema floor only opened a few months ago and this was my first time actually going. Its good venue and college student ID means that tickets are £6.15 for standard.

Dont worry Im not going to spoil it for you and tell you everything thing that happens. The story is like the new matrix, playing with that idea of dreams and reality, not in the same way though. It uses Philosophic and Psychological ideas, and interestingly architecture to. It makes you think about the way you think and how ideas materialise. If you like the Matrix or Shutter Island you'll love this. It was Directed by the same guy who Directed Dark Knight and includes allot of action; It can be confusing at times. It was a brilliant movie, really interesting, lots of action (there was about a thousand gun shots) and had a great Cast.

I give it 4 Stars**** Really worth watching

Overall a great experience and one that cheered me up loads after a gloomy trip to the doctors :P. Oh yeah btw my first online buy using my new debit card (which has to be one of my favourite toys) was delivered yesterday day from It’s a little bag shaped pendent on a long chain. Yes that’s me, early morning, no make up, bags n all. I wore it to the cinema; the bag opens, but what in the world am I supposed to put in there? My friends suggested sweets or mints

SusuanaLove xx


  1. i just saw inception too..great but totally confusing! love that necklace..:)


  2. ahh i heard about inception! everyone i know who's seen it said its good(: i suppose i should see it sometime soon(: and i vote go for mints in that necklace of urs(: haha great buy! :D

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  5. great movie review and cute pendant!

  6. I'm going to watch this movie!!! Lots of great reviews got me sooo interested. :) Thanks for the comment on my site. Nice neckpiece you have there dear!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  7. very sweeeet necklace!
    And I love your hair a looot!
    You're a beautiful girl.

  8. thank you for that you wanna follow me!!

  9. i wanted to take my BF to see that but he hadn't heard of it, i was like ARE YOU LIVING UNDER A ROCK? LOL, thanks for your review, im still dying to see it,
    im dragging him to see haha

    oh ps, cute order from Asos :)