Friday, 23 July 2010

SusuanaLove’s Skater Boys Photos

I haven’t taken any pictures with my film camera for a couple of weeks now so thought that I should just get out and go some where unusual.

Ok, so a skate park isn’t so unusual, but it is for me I never actually been in one, although I've passed many on buses and a load of my male friends skate. I can’t skate to save anyone but it looks cool. And I’d always thought; if I could learn how to skate a bit I could film while skate and get really smooth tracking shots.

And who doesn’t love skater boys. If you’re a guy and you can skate you officially got five brownie points. Ten if he plays the guitar. Definitely some Eye Candy for the Babay (My pet name for my film Camera).

I could have gone to South Bank (the more famous skate park location) but I thought everyone goes there to film and take pictures, just Google it. So I went somewhere closer to home, hooked up with some guys that I use to go secondary school with that I knew that regularly skate. And then went down to their skate park in West London. One of the pros of living in a big city, 15 minutes on a bus and your already somewhere interesting. The Park it’s in its really pretty its got streams and bridges, this little oriental bit and a Moroccan influenced bit. I’ll be definitely going back there for shoots. And I now understand fully what Lupe Fiasco was saying in his song Kick Push because we had to take a journey, because soon as the sun comes out so do a load of skaters and it all becomes too crowded and you have to find somewhere else, and when you do its most likely near a residential area and all the sudden your getting evils.

I did this last weekend but my photos have only just come back TODAY! (That’s the last time I go to the Whitley’s shopping centre Jessops again! they cant even scan things properly! ¬¬) Here are some of the photos I took. The film was a bit old, I found it in donated camera bag in the charity shop I work in; you can find these photos and the rest on my Flickr Photostream. I’d really appreciate your thoughts on them.

One of many epic Moments

Scott: Can I borrow a plain red t-shirt for church?

Kris: I've got one but its not plain red

Scott: What’s it got on it?

Kris: Arrows pointing down

Scott: Nah it’s all right


SusuanaLove xx


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  2. lol greattt shotss(: it looks like a lotta fun despite the fact that i cant skate to save a soul either(: haha yay us! and btw ur epic moment....PRICELESS(: definitely made me chucklee lol :D

  3. om nom nom skater boys mmm

  4. amazing! i love film. and you did a great job!
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  6. yes for skater boys:):)

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