Sunday, 25 July 2010

SusuanaLove’s Movie Review #2 (Toy Story 3)

Yesterday I was back at Westfield cinema again this time it was a belated birthday trip of one of my besties Sia, so it was me, her and another friend of ours. Anyway it was her belated celebration so I didn't pick the movie and it started two hours late so we just watched the next thing that was on, which was Toy Story 3. My other friend was nice enough to pay for all of us including food!

To be honest it’s been so long, I barely remember what happened in the previous Toy Stories. And although it’s more of a kid’s film it was actually pretty good. Andys all grown up and packing for college (just like me!) and it sort of feel that the toys have grown up too the sound like they’ve learned allot over the years, even Barbie sounds intelligent at times. It’s brilliantly written and funny, you become attached to the toys by the end and there are points when you just can’t help but get emotional lol. And I love all the new toys the meet. It was in 3D, I don’t personally see the big deal with 3D and feel that sometimes its used to make up for how crap a movie is, but in Toy story 3 it wasn’t the case. All in all I’m glad I watched it.

I give it *** stars

Ok being at London’s biggest Shopping centre of course I had to “look around” *cough* Before the movie I saw a pair of earrings and a necklace in new look but I didn't have cash for hem both so I bought the necklace and hid the earrings in the shop (because they were the last pair) so I could get them after I went to the bank , but when the film finished and I got back they were goneL.

So to make up for it I went to hmv and bought a CD. Got Ladyhawke’s Debut Album, It’s still playing in my hifi. The artwork in the album is amazing too; I analysed Sarah Larnach’s (the artist) artwork for my Graphics Alevel. I also did a little interpretation of my own based on her work, using a couple of my friends as models

Mi amigos:
Tora (On the right - She’s an actual Model too) -
Darina (On the left – She likes taking pictures) –

And since we were in the shopping mode we hopped on tube (train/subway) and stopped at Oxford Street on the way home, which was nicely packed as usual. We went accessory hunting here and there; and I found my earrings! There we’re also the last pair in the shop! Anyway got go get ready for work, But I’ll comment on some of your blogs b4 I go J

Mr Potato head to Ken: You’re not a toy you’re an accessory, you’re a purse with legs!

SusuanaLove xx


  1. those drawings are awesome!

  2. i used to work in new look wanted those earrings, but cannot deal with clip on, too much pain for me

  3. You're totally underrating the flick. I think about 70% of it is secretly aimed at adults: in fact, parts of it hit me really hard (I'm 28) in ways I wouldn't have felt if I'd been 8. Or even 18 ;-) Make no mistake: it may look like a kid's movie, but it's about getting old.

  4. I dont think im underating it, I know toy story 3 is a movie for an older genration, buts its about toys, and grew out of toys when i was about 7. It wasnt a bad movie but Im a hard critic and I cant gove it 4 stars when I gave inception 4. Toy Story is just something forgotten in my childhood somewhere. Wana watch something that really talks about growing up? watch Hayao Miyazaki films. Disney aint got NOTHING on him