Tuesday, 27 July 2010

SusuanaLoves Africa 2k10 1#

I love this song, me and my friends was doing the dance when we all went out last night and this morning it was the only thing I could think of lol.

I also love African prints and The Asos and American Apparel african influenced pieces. Topshop has got one coming up to but I think thats more for Autumn

This is my favourite bag and and I rarely leave the house without it (whatever Im wearing). Its my little piece of Africa, I found it in my charity shop one day and bought it for £5. Its hand made and real leather. What can I say, when in doubt, or in search for something more original GO VINTAGE!!
I know I have followers from all over the place and I'm always interested to learn about your cultures :) Love you all
SusuanaLove xx


  1. I LOVE the african prints!
    American Apparel also has them on some skirts and they look bomb diggity !
    LOVE your blog as well :)


  2. love the african theme!
    check me out and follow!

  3. Love African prints too! The bag is especially cute.

    This song makes me miss the world cup!

  4. i do love african inspired pieces as well. that bag you found is soo cute!

    and thanks for stopping by my blog =] i use a nikon d200. it's rather old but it is a good camera still.

  5. that bag is too cute! and i love those prints too! especially in those cycling shorts type!

  6. that bag is awesome, i wish it was mine!


  7. Completely agreed! I love African-inspired fashion!