Saturday, 31 July 2010

SusuanaLoves Spaceship

This is an outfit I've designed based on the song spaceship by Benny B featuring Kelis. I'm glad dance and electronic music is becoming more known outside. I think the video to is a bit of a green screen fail at times.

Anyway I created this look from a sweet futuristic fashion royalty look. Now I look at it she sorta looks like Keri Hilson meets Lady Gaga.

I like designing things but I doubt I can make half the things I design; I'm more of a customizer when it comes to textiles. )

Many of my followers are surprised by the fact I draw, lol there’s a lot more to come, pencil and paper are artistic foundations, who do you think did my header? ;) (Although technically that’s ink and paper lol)

Benny Benassi - "Spaceship" ft. kelis & Alp. de ap by Diamond Headphones

I’d also like take a quick moment to thank all my followers and people that read this blog or comment. I set this account up a long time ago but never used it, I didn’t think I could do this whole blogger thing, this is only my 13th post I've already befriended many great and interesting bloggers. I’m still new this BlogSpot thing and now that I'm following lots of people I appreciate it even more that you take the time and my sometimes very long blogs when I bet you have so many others on you reading list. Also Since I'm looking to go into the Media Industry I need experience communicating to a large audience and it’s nice to know people are actually reading and interested in what I write J

Oh and I designed my self a new logo!! ( becuse Im into graphic design and animation and stuff) I t would be nice to have some feed back :).

SusuanaLoves you All xx


  1. I think it looks great:D Did you use illustrator? :)

  2. Thanks, and no I havnt got Illustrator downloaded on this laptop, so I used good ol' paint lol


  3. I love the logo... could you perhaps make me one..?

  4. You are really talented - try and make something good out of it - maybe sell your drawings = make money out of it lool.

    Nice logo by the way, you can download free (new) fonts here>