Friday, 29 October 2010

SusuanaLove: Socialite

Ok the word "social" at my uni means a gathering of people from the same society, subject or class. At this gathering we are supposed to socialise and get to know each other but it normally doest get more inventive than going on a pub crawl or an outing of some sort that ends or starts with beverages :P Anyway my subject appear to be the only one that hadn't did this yet. It was nice to get together though, we went to our local, Its called the monkeys forehead I headed back a little early, t-total to catch up on the reading for the lecture the next morning. I feel like i'm finally really settling in here :) Ive been out Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and gotten in bed for around one for 9am lectures the next day, I ve been feeling a little anti-socail for a couple of weeks so I think this makes up for it :P

Monday - Media Social ...

The Place Is called the monkeys forehead :) no kidding Google it
These are "The Falcons" my media workshop group :) aka Group F lol

Tuesday - Early Halloween Party ....
Ok i didnt dress up but I only have one costume and Im saving that for the weekend!

Wednesday Photography Social II ...i

SusuanaLove xx


  1. aweee(: it looks like so much fun!!!!! its great to hear that your settling in and all is well :)

  2. You are a social butterfly missy :) booooo for not dressing up, you should have made something silly up. At least you are dressing up this weekend :P
    Thank you so much for your comment BTW xxx oh and I laughed so loud at this 'Its called the monkeys forehead' haha I shall google ;P Have a great weekend kitten glad to see you are having fun xxx

  3. Glad you got dressed up and had fun, you better post some nice costume picks :P Thank you for all the loveage xxx Have a good Monday xxxx

  4. all looks very fun! similar to my uni actually, where are you studying if you don't mind me asking? x

  5. i wish we had stuff like that at my college, seems so fun.

  6. Oh that seems like fun! :] You are so pretty!!!!