Sunday, 8 May 2011


 Hi everyone,

This Sunday is the end of a great week, I finished my exams on Wednesday and ordered the slr of my dreams. The next day it arrived  :) (read post bellow) On the fifth i also realised that my first post on Blogspot was on the 5th of may last year 0.o. So I thought it would be cool to do a post on it and say thank you to everyone that reads my blog :)

A year later I have 88 followers and over 7000 hits
Hi to everyone that saw me through this year, finishing college, starting university, developing my photography, even through the bad times and through the spelling grammar mistakes >< . Thanks for making my time on blogspot so far enjoyable and for all your comments.

According to Blogspot these are my most popular posts:
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And my online presence has, spread I now have:

I now leave you with great song and wish you well :)

Susuana Loves You xx

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  1. happy blog birthday sweet heart, and how exciting that you will be finishing soon. Aww enjoy it hunni, the job work is bloody awful haha (well I think you will land something good).
    Awww I love John Legend !!!!