Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Susuana Love: London Riots

To those who are concerned Im not in London at the mo and have moved to my new house the countryside early. London has gone mad and so have other cites in the UK but what I have heard. I keep checking up on my London friends and family, and I hope everyone is safe.

The rioters have a right to be angry but not a right to steal or ruin/set fire to people homes, cars and lively hoods. If you're fighting the government or the police go to the headquarters and riot there don't ruin your own communities. Is a hd tv or trainers a human right? If you was stealing something you needed like food for you family or child, that you could no longer afford because of the horrid economy it would be more acceptable, but for luxuries when people are starving around the would and fighting for freedom?

And to the police? At student protest you want to send hundreds of Riot police to sort us out but you're taking it easy on rioters? Perspective is needed. Quite happy not to be in the city at the mo. Looking forward to Paris soon :)



  1. Glad to hear you're all right. Its sad to see news about the riots here in America. I can't believe it!