Saturday, 6 August 2011

SusuanaLove: London Art Portfolio Internship + Hello 100th follower

Hey Everyone :)

Before I start my post properly just want to say a big hello to my 100th follower Hayley!!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to be an intern for a art school preparation company called London Art Portfolio. Im sort of creative directing animated promo video. It so much fun, sound like allot of hard work but every one is up for it :)

One animation that Im in love with right now is the animated Music video to Kpop girl bang 2ne1 and their song "Hate you" Ass kicking female bounty hunters ftw!

SusuanaLove xx


  1. I looooove 2NE1 too!!! they're so cool! I personally love CL!!!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention beautiful. Still loving your blog xxxxxxxx