Thursday, 4 August 2011

SusuanaLove Photography: "So Talented" TABOT MIX SHOWCASE 2011


On the 30th of July I got do the photography and filming for a wicked Dance show for a group called the Tabot Mix. It was very challenge doing both at the same time but Im learning allot and will be working with them more in the near future. Im actually looking forward to putting my photography portfolio together soon, it should have a wide range of things but I still have allot to learn a but night photography, and photographing movement.


Also it was my first full day at work yesterday and I even ended up with £20 worth of tips :) and during my break I found out that I won the giveaway on Pretty things blog :)

have a nice day

SusuanaLove xx


  1. these photos are gorgeous! I cant wait to see the film too. gorgeous blog hun. now following you x

  2. woah thats a cool experience. and lucky you Ive never won a blog giveaway.


  3. Lovely photos, I always try to dabble in a bit of photography but mine never turn out so well! Congrats on winning a blog giveaway!


  4. Beautiful photos! Thanks for your comment. :)

    PS Your blog is fantastic.