Monday, 1 August 2011

SusuanaLove Novel/Art Work: The Story of Jade-Pharrell

Hi Everyone 

Todays post has been scheduled and Im actually writing this on Sunday. Ive been so busy, Ive (thank the Lord) found a job! as a waitress and waiting to hear if I have a second one. Ive also had my first live filming+photography job last night 0.o and boy that was tiresome and Ive spent all day editing exporting etc. I have work most of Today (Monday) so I wont be able to post this.

Anyway that's not what this is post is about, this post is about my story The story of Jade-Pharrell, one of the two main characters Jade-Pharrell is 7 years old today. I cant beieve I made this so long ago. Now I reviving and in my spare time trying hard to write the full novel that comes along side art work. The story is set on another world called Maya which legend say is linked to this world and other dimensions through portals, in the mountains that surround the flat island planet that only portal guardians can find. A child is born called Kim-Marie who has portal guardian powers but denies them. Her younger sister who she becomes guardian of after they become orphans, loves the tales of the portal guardian ancestors who it is rumoured to have. An evil source who is trying to get to this world steals and empowers the portal guardian mutation in Jade-Pharrell away and loses her on earth when Kim-Marie denies her power. Kim-Marie must comes to terms with her gifts to save the only family left and Jade-Pharrell must survive on her own while trying to recall the life she use to live while stranded on a foreign planet.

On the right is Jade-Pharrell after evil source partly transforms her. (she goes really pale and ghostly-like) The one the left is Kim-Marie

The theme for this would is neo-steam punk and so is the fashion, so I've been trying to work some designs for clothing.
steam punk love
So be on the look out :) have a lovely week :)

SusuanaLove xx


  1. Congratulations on getting a job :-). I love the look of both Jade-Pharrel and Kim-Mari, and I love the clothing ideas, both pairs of shoes especially. Do you post the story onto your blog? :)


  2. congrats on the job :) love all the clothes here,those glasses are something else AMAZING!

    kate xo

  3. So is it like a graphic novel? Or half-graphic, half text?? Looove the designs for it!