Tuesday, 18 October 2011

SusuanaLove: Falseys

Ok So I was thinking, falseys are cool for nights out, but I dont want to paying loads. I don't normally do review make up like things but I thought this would be handy, plus I'm starting to develop my make up art skills for more extravagant fantastical photo shoots. So anyway, if you ebay false eyelashes on ebay, you can actually get big packs for really cheap. So I got a set of ten natural looking ones (you get to pick the style too!) all together with postage £3.08! then i got some black glue (yes black!) I was expecting one but I got 2 for 1.73. All together under £5!

 cute box!

I trimmed them and stuff and I got away with it, especially with black glue which just looked like eyeliner :) Have a nice week

SusuanaLove xx