Monday, 31 October 2011

SusuanaLove: Inspirational Artist Calendar (Blated) - Marilyn + Lissie

I missed out last months Inspirational artist so Im doing 2 this month - been so busy these days sorry! - LIKE INCREDIBLY BUSY!


I love Marilyn. That is all. lol jk she was talented and and beautiful and pro active. I too really messed up my lieg trying to be at least two of those this week! She still looks wonderful i just looked like i had a bad limp, so bad my friend had to drive me then carry me to my doorstep 0.o THANKS HUGGY BEAR! (my mate)


Lissie another talented person, I cant believe that I haven't bought her Album yet, she awesome. She's my artist of the year :)

On a unrelated not...
Happy Asexual Awareness Week for Last week :)

SusuanaLove xx

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